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Whether you want to exercise a few times a week, learn self-defense skills and boost self-confidence, or become a competitive athlete who trains twice a day. - Our club offers the following opportunities

BJJ Basics (Gi)

The program is perfect to start from scratch at any age! The 28-week cycle we developed combines physical fitness, self-defense and the basics of jiu jitsu in a way that is accessible to everyone. * Gi - kimono.

Treneris: Jevgēņijs, (+371 27616064)

Monthly fee: 50 EUR

Tuesday 18.30

Thursday 18.30

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BJJ All Belts (Gi)

A group of wrestlers with experience or who have completed the cycle at least once beginner course and mastered the basics of fighting. The specialization for this group is sports jiu jitsu technique and competition-oriented training process. Our best athletes, who have competed in international competitions with high achievements, also train in this program.

Coach: Jevgēņijs, (+371 27616064)

Monday 18.30

Wednesday 18.30

No Gi / Grappling

No Gi means "without a kimono". An exciting and dynamic battle line that can be combined with Gi training or after learning the basics - specialize in this direction.

Coach: Jevgēņijs, (+371 27616064)

Tuesdays 19.30

Thursday 19.30

Friday 18.30

Private classes

A great opportunity to speed up your progress, the coach will tailor the program just for you and provide such attention that will not allow you to get unnoticed bad technical habits. Trainings are possible both individually, in pairs and in small groups. Training times are possible outside the evening group trainings. Agree in more detail with your chosen coach.

The most popular reasons why people choose individual training:

  • more intensive acquisition of technique
  • a training process tailored to individual needs
  • not suitable for group training times
  • specialization in a specific style (self-defense, leglocks, etc.)
  • unwillingness to train in a group